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glart spring 2007

final proposal
i'm finally going to do something i've been thinking about for awhile. [see the original idea here]

the idea is to do a simple physics engine, something we haven't done in GLART, and provide some ball-emitters and movable platforms. then you can play around with the position of the platforms, and the gravity, and surfaces, etc., and the falling balls will generate fantastic rhythmic patterns (heck, even melodic patterns)

i'm going to do all the physics development and testing and whatnot in java with lwjgl for testing. then i'll move all the relevant bits into jitter, with an mxj (max-java bridge for the uninitiated) object wrapping all the physics. then it'll be easy to do the interactivity and the sound connection


homework 4

homework 3

homework 2

homework 1

neat work in progress

...is a class I developed to make timing very easy in LWJGL. make your class implement TimedRenderable and override the updatePhysics() method. then you can create a GLTimer, passing it a reference to the TimedRenderable class (almost always 'this') and a time interval, and updatePhysics() will be called periodically.

that sounds really hard. it's not at all. check out the javadoc for more information and some sample pseudocode.

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