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multimedia fall 2006

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the first real assignment
is to write a fun something that uses any mixture of audio in, audio out, video in, and video out. i have a feeling we're trying to avoid the keyboard and mouse!

so i'm going to...
finally play on the subway meme 'IF YOU SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING'
i'm going to make the computer look for a certain object (which will initially be a day-glo sign saying 'SOMETHING') and audibly announce 'SOMETHING!' when it happens.

someday, these should be objects that people strongly want to move in the subway, one being the 'something' and the other being the 'see-er,' which will surprisingly announce their subversion of terrorists.

actually. i have lost interest in doing the above (seems like a dead end... i'd never do much with it). i have this thing i've been hacking away at for a while. it's called circlesequencer, because it makes a sequence in a circle. it was initially a prototype for a real, physical circlesequencer (with motors, rotary encoders, motorized faders, and lots of prayer), and has done all kinds of things over its lifespan. the code is accordingly sloppy, but whatever. i get it.

check out the last internet version on the projects page (there's a link to a sound-making java plugin you can easily install there too)

so i'm REALLY going to...
play with video and sound control of circlesequencer. some concepts:
what i'm learning here won't really apply to my final project (which i've been researching a lot) but i've been meaning to get better at video tracking. i'm having tons of problems getting good results. i'm about to tack a black sheet on the wall, dress in black, and hold some LEDs or something. also, (as expected), the camera built-in to my laptop is handy but has horrendous color response.

library shmibrary

i've been having bad luck with libraries. libcv is a no-go... can't get it to list my devices. jmyron has potential but has horrendous documentation (javadoc is a beautiful thing, processing project i'm looking at you!) (ok it's ugly but good for dorks, offer it in addition to the pretty documentation). blobdetection... um... i need to revisit (i last used it about a year ago).

good things!!

i've done a bunch of work. you can grab and play with the code (it's called blobs2 - what a great name) on my projects page. there are some instructions there. OO. i tried signing it and it works in the browser! fantastic. let me know (ahem, post to the list) if it works for you. works fine on my macbook pro with built-in camera (haven't tried anything else yet)