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i mentioned pierre botlez in an email the other day. i think this might make clear(er) what it is (was):

What I was doing was sort-of tremendously complicated. It was a client-server networked symbolic score generating system (phew!) called Pierre Botlez. The idea was that numerous performers would open a program that would connect to a server, and display an initially random symbolic score generated by the server (various colored shapes and "melodies" of shapes and so on). Each client was also doing some dsp analyzing the individual performer, getting things like avg. amplitude, brightness, (pitch was attempted for more drone-y instruments), etc., and this would feed back to the server, which would try to make intelligent decisions about what to do with the score. Theoretically it could hear that two performers were both doing bright staccato things every time it sent a 'melody' down the pipe, and repeat that at will, and get them to do variations on it and so on.

I ended up spending a TON of time working on the graphics part, and not enough on the score-generating part. The trick was getting things to be close to synched. I was doing crazy things like serializing objects and pushing them over HTTP. It was a complete mess in the end... though it's an idea I *really* like... I just need a lot of time to develop it.

If I started working on it today, I would GREATLY simplify the graphics code. I'd probably use processing... it keeps you in a state of mind of caring about the results, not being psycho with perfect OO code. Which is good sometimes and not others.