ahh, projects. what a generic page title. everything that doesn't fit somewhere else goes here.

slitscan radial slit-scanning of irises -- mac os x app

touch screen api, documentation, example applet

multimedia final four fun things. run your browser in fullscreen

happy 22nd birthday, toby! a fun game for tobes' birthday

all-star max/msp patches mi corazon

blobs2 makes sound with video. requires jsyn. works well for me in a dark room with my laptop's screen brightness all the way up. use + and - to adjust the threshold (if necessary). the width of the blob controls the filter, and all those blue radii are harmonics.

circlesequencer initially a prototype for a physical computing project, it's now grown into a monster. you should have jsyn plugin.

libJMyron.jnilib compiled for intel macs replace the one in /Applications/Processing/libraries/JMyron/library/ with this one. yay

midiroute.app super simple max/msp made application for doing tricky midi routing on os x. read: pro tools to anything else!

granular.zip modified max/msp example patch that crashes my computer. why!?